Obama Warns Russia “There Will Be Costs” for Military Intervention

President Obama has issued a verbal warning to Russia on Friday in a statement, in an attempt to prevent further conflict among the walls of Ukraine.

It is not yet clear what the United States President means by “There will be costs” means involvement of military conflict or if they will support Ukraine in other ways.

The statement comes as 2,000 Russian soldiers were reported to be moving into Crimea with attack helicopters and other military vehicles according to Yahoo news.

As speculation grew whether or not Russian soldiers had moved into Crimea, the Russian foreign ministry said Friday that it had informed the Ukrainian government that armoured units from the Black Sea Fleet base near Sevastopol had entered Crimea in order to protect fleet positions according The Telegraph.

Though Russia claims that they are there to protect “fleet positions,” it is not clear if that will be their only reason for the invasion or if there will be more troops relocated to Crimea if they proceed to conflict with Ukraine soldiers.

Interpreter Magazine is currently live blogging with contributed pictures and videos from Crimea.


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