Musicians and Independent Writers Are Financially Supported By Dedicated Fans

“Employees” or “independent contractors”; which one defines what the musician is? More than in most other lines of work, this question is a compelling one for musicians. But a line may be drawn to include bloggers or independent media writers as a similar business entity to the musicians.

There are thousands (maybe millions), of musicians on Facebook attempting to find success, but most of the time their posts describe how the band is struggling financially or need support from their fans to continue touring. Some generous fanatics are happy to support musicians in times of need by either buying merchandise or donating money to the artists.

By donating money, fans are indirectly purchasing a product. They have chosen to continue their favorite musicians endeavour. In this instance, a similarity can be seen with Talking Points Memo blogger, Josh Marshall. When the blog wanted to pursue covering bigger and better things that they could not financially afford, fans were happy to oblige.

The internet is a powerful tool and funding unique projects is heavily reliant on public support before a product is even made. Websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given artists, innovative thinkers, and now writers a platform to pitch any idea that requires funding.




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