Independent Media Outlets Incur Unique Obstacles

Independent media outlets are experimenting with elements that will make them succeed in short, but long lasting success is determined by the compilation of multiple elements of success.

Critically acclaimed conservative blogger William Jacobson, took an Independent Media course at Ithaca College through the success’ and failures his blog Legal Insurrection has dealt with since forming in 2008.

The blog currently operates with twelve freelancing contributors who are payed for each story and produce new content every two hours according to Jacobson.

Mostly financed by advertising, the Insurection’s homepage contains eight ads in total.

In order to confine any trouble they incur between their financial and reading networks, the blog publicly denounces that the ads posted on their website are “out of their control.”

When starting up his blog Jacobson freelanced his work in order to gain notoriety under his name, and with each post a link to Legal Insurrection would be included under the story.  

“Unless y0u can attract people to read it, you are shouting to the woods,” Jacobson said. Advising members of the Independent Media class to find a niche and become valuable according to that niche. 

Insurrection appears to have a politically conservative niche. In the past year alone the website has focused time advocating for the dismissal of Republican congress members who “were not conservative enough,” and also covered the George Zimmerman trial in great detail by laying out evidence against the accused.

There are also low points for Insurrection, Jacobson says the website is enduring the lowest levels of traffic they have had in two years.

Independent Media outlets are known for covering material that major networks do not cover. This requires being journalistically independent from financial advertisers so that there is an absence of ethical conflict when exposing corporate or political corruption.

Whether it is finding a niche to cover or covering a broad range of topics, independent media publications are finding different ways to experiment and keep journalistic integrity.


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