Glenn Greenwald & Laura Poitras Test their 1st Amendment Rights as Journalists

On April 11, the day of the Polk Awards, the world waits for the arrival of two 2014 Polk Award winning journalists who reported the Edward Snowden leaks to see if they will be arrested by the U.S. for leaking confidential United States documents. Among these journalists are Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. This will be the first time they return to U.S. soil since the Snowden articles were published in early June. Senior U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers previously accused Greenwald of being a thief and selling information from the documents. “For personal gain, he’s now selling his access to information, that’s how they’re terming it…. A thief selling stolen material is a thief,” Rogers said to Politico. A claim that Greenwald says is foolish, unfounded, and designed to intimidate journalists.

As a member of high standing in the United States government, Rogers plays an influential role in decisions made inside of the county.

In the past few months Greenwald has repeatedly said he wouldn’t feel safe coming to the United States in the current political climate. In January, Director of National Intelligence Jams Clapper implied that the journalists working with Snowden are “accomplices” during a congressional hearing, and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said Greenwald should be prosecuted for his reporting.

According to Flight Aware, a website that live tracks planes, Greenwald and Poitras’ flight SIA26 is estimated to arrive at JFK airport at 11 a.m. ET. There is no word yet if the two journalists will be arrested when they return to the U.S. Fellow journalists and free press supporters are posting their support for the journalists. Some by reading 1st amendment rights and others  via Twitter @ggreenwald.



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